Ashok Leyland unveils a two-pronged strategy
for Defence

February 2014

For over 5 decades, Ashok Leyland, a pioneer in the Indian commercial vehicle industry, has been a market leader in the Defence logistics segment. More than 70,000 Stallion trucks form the backbone of the logistic operations of the Indian army. Known for their reliability, performance and durability, the vehicles have not only gone through the stringent evaluation criteria of one of the world’s largest armies, but have also successfully endured real battle in Kargil. Going forward, we have embarked on a strategy for growth that leverages our capabilities involving (a) expanding our product lines and (b) integration global weapon systems with our mobility platforms.

Product Line Expansion

Over the past three years, we have diversified our product platform at both ends of their product spectrum Entering a segment we have never played in before, we have a brand-new 2.5T Truck and at the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the new variant of our Super Stallion platform with the 10x10 HMV. A new Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV) also joins this new fleet.

The Garuda 4x4

The Garuda 4x4 is a truly contemporary product. Equipped with a powerful yet extremely fuel efficient engine (BS4-ready) and high maneuverability, the Garuda 4x4 can carry payloads up to 2.5 T, thus offering unmatched mobility to the Paramilitary forces / Security agencies both in India and abroad. The modern cabin offers state-of-the art ergonomics and comfort with HVAC option.

The Super Stallion 10x10

The Super Stallion 10x10 vehicle builds on the strengths of the Super-Stallion 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles, which have performed extremely well in the Indian Army trials ranging from deserts to high altitude areas. The Super-Stallion 10x10 vehicle can carry higher payloads and at the same time offer superior mobility.

These new products, taken together, mean Ashok Leyland vehicles are now available in 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 configurations an can cover various applications ranging from Troop Carriers to Weapons systems such as the Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher, Mounted Gun System, UAV launcher and Command Post Applications besides Mine Protected Vehicles, Field Artillery Tractor, Tank Transporter, Electronics warfare systems, Bridge Launcher, and many more.

The Super Stallion 6x6

Ashok Leyland would also be showcasing its next-generation Super Stallion 6x6. The Super Stallion 6x6, powered by our high technology Neptune engine, has passed the stringent Indian Army trials in flying colours, and has now been upgraded with a state-of-the-art new generation cabin that will offer superior comfort to the driver with features such as air-suspended seats, ergonomic controls and ride quality. The vehicle can be used for a variety of applications both in the logistics and tactical segments.

The Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV)

Ashok Leyland has made its foray into the Armoured vehicles segment with the Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV). The MPV offers unmatched mobility and stringent levels of protection – Its unique design offers ability to withstand a 14 kg TNT blast under the hull and 21 kg TNT blast under the wheel. This apart, the vehicle comes with an unprecedented side blast protection of 11 kg TNT and an extremely lethal nitrate based emulsion blast of 50 kg.

Integration with Global System Suppliers

In their endeavor to provide the Indian Army the best technological solutions, Ashok Leyland and SAAB have signed a partnership agreement to deliver High Mobility Vehicles for SAAB’s BAMSE Short Range Surface to Air Missile(SRSAM) system. All sub-units within the BAMSE SRSAM will be integrated with our Super Stallion 8 x 8, a High Mobility Vehicle capable of operating in all types of geographical terrains under all weather conditions.

Ashok Leyland has provided a mount for Nexter Systems’ world renowned Howitzer – the Caesar to provide the Mounted Gun System to the Indian Army. The Caesar – a 155 mm / 52-calibre gun-howitzer, has been integrated onto our Super Stallion 6x6, a High Mobility Vehicle.

These and other similar relationships underscore Ashok Leyland’s commitment to provide the Indian Army with the best technology available in the world for logistic and tactical solutions and stay true to our mission of being the trusted mobility partner for India’s Defence forces.